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ISO-9001 Management System Certification

17 Years Sales Experience

10 Years overseas cooperation

99%+ Product
Pass Rate

8000+ Tons of Metal  Processed per Year

200+ Employees

 SMILE Technology, originally established in 2005 as a sales company for metal products, has evolved into a full-fledged manufacturing powerhouse since 2010. Today, the factory spans an impressive 280,000 square feet, holding a workforce of over 200 dedicated employees, with 160+ seasoned professionals specializing in manufacturing. Annually, the skilled team processes more than 8,000 tons of metal, comprising 60% carbon steel, 30% stainless steel, and 10% other metals. Our product line adheres rigorously to ISO-9001 international quality management system standards, with pass rate exceeding 99%. Our commitment to excellence has resonated with clients across 20+ countries, covering products like metal cabinet, terminal shell, intelligent delivery lockers and various small parts for machines.

Previous Products from SMILE

The following are part of our products, from a large cabinet to a small hinge. Even the smallest product meets the highest standard.  

Assembled Large Products

CNC Machining Parts

For Semiconductor Manufacturer

Costomized Plan:
Only for YOU

Can’t find the customized product you are looking for? Contact us directly and we will review your drawings and provide a quote in a short time. We have the capability to manufacture most custom products. Click the button on the right to learn more about the products we have previously manufactured.

SMILE Manufacturing Equipments

Best Equipments for the Best Products. Fast, Accurate and Long-lasting.

The suppliers of our manufacturing equipment include Bystronic from Switzerland, Tailifu Group from Taiwan, ELEN Laser from Italy, OTC and KUKA, etc.

Why choose us?

Precision and Reliability: We utilize advanced CNC machine tools and precision machining techniques to ensure that the dimensions and specifications of each part meet the HIGHEST standards. You can trust our parts to deliver outstanding performance in critical applications.

Personalized Customization: We recognize that every project is UNIQUE. You are welcome to provide your own design drawings, or let our team of engineers assist you in creating parts designs that best suit your needs.

Material Variety: Whether you need machining of steel, aluminum, copper, or other materials, we can provide custom solutions. We understand the unique properties of different materials and will select and process them according to YOUR requirements.

Efficient Production: We understand that TIMING is crucial for your projects. We employ the most advance equipment and producing environment to ensure the efficiency of prodiction, and are committed to delivering your custom CNC parts on schedule, ensuring that your projects progress as planned.

Competitive Pricing: We offer competitive prices while maintaining excellent quality. This makes us a reliable partner to help you gain cost advantages.

Whether you are in the aerospace, automotive manufacturing, medical devices, electronics, or other fields, we are willing to collaborate to meet your custom CNC parts requirements. Please feel free to contact us for more information or to submit your project requirements. We look forward to providing you with exceptional custom solutions to help you achieve successful projects.

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